Reap Benefit

As you sow, sow you reap. What goes round comes round. This is the universal law of nature. The human race is collectively responsible for
mutilating nature beyond repair. Today we have manifold destruction of loss and property due to the actions of man in harming nature.

Reap Benefit is an organization started to create tangible impact and become a local problem solver.
Its main goal is to be in tune with nature and provide a sustainable living to the communities and find solutions to environmental issues using coding and technology. It also encourages potential students to work in government schools on projects related to management of waste, water, energy and sanitation.

Ms. Aparajita Das Chowdhury, our Science facilitator formally introduced the Resource Person Mr. Shashishekar to our students and he was of the opinion
that genuinely intelligent students who can take action could become great contributors in finding solutions to challenging problems if the adults are able to instill a
sense of belief amongst these students. The future belongs to people who have a sense of purpose. In today's times entrepreneurs hire people who have the ability to solve life's real problems and not people who are just academically good.

Mr. Shashisekhar went on to narrate three inspiring stories of students who have found solutions to problems in their locality. By joining this programme, students get an opportunity to explore their potential and come with excellent ideas and innovations to heal the environment. These students can together build a great nation and a wonderful pollution free world. Build to solve and Solve for Community of 15 hours duration, spread over an academic year, are the two programmes offered by Reap Benefit to our enthusiastic and creative students. In the end, he invited students to join Reap Benefit Organization to become a problem solver using coding and technology. One small step for an individual can in the near future be a giant leap for mankind. Our Science facilitator Ms. Madhuri Naveen proposed the vote of thanks.