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  • 1) What are the school timings?
  • IK1 - IK3: 8:40 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

    Grade 1-8 :8:40 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • 2) How many days is school working in a week?
  • Ik 1-3 ---- five days working

    Grade 1-5 --- five days working

    Grade 6-8 ---- six days working (Saturdays are half working days, 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

    On Second Saturday of the month, the school remains closed.

  • 3) What are the co - scholastic activities in school?
  • Many student enrichment programs are available in school -

    T H O T S - The higher order thinking skills

    H O G S - Helen O Grady's personality development classes through Dramatics/ vocal music/ instrumental music/Dance (any one can be selected)

    Animation classes/ Robotics (has to select any one)

    School cinema for value education

    Funtoot mathematics software

    NIE ---- Newspaper in Education

    First- aid --- For grade 6 up.

    Life skills - for grade 6 up.

    Career Counseling - for grade 6 up.

    These programs are incorporated within the curriculum

  • 4) What sports are available in school?
  • The school has lot of sports options available. However, a child has to attend two special sports and the options available are -

    (a) SPECIAL SPORTS -1: Tennis / Taekwon-Do

    (b) SPECIAL SPORTS -2: Skating / Cricket

    Besides these, students of grade 1-5 will attend outdoor games twice a week which will include--- Basketball, kho-kho, Athletics, Badminton etc.

  • 5) What co - curricular activities are available to Kindergarten students?
  • Music, Dance, Taekwon-Do, Sand play, Play Pen, Learning Corners, and Story Telling, Art and Craft

  • 6) In case of a change of address or contact numbers, whom should be informed in school and how?
  • Ans.In case of any change in the address or contact numbers, a parent must immediately inform the school through a mail / note at

      admissions @edifyschoolbengaluru.com
    with a cc marked to the Home room teacher / Head of the department and the principal.

  • 7) What is the exact time of dispersal?
  • The buses will depart at 12.30 p.m. for (IKs) and between 3.40-3.45 p.m. for grade 1 up.

  • 8) Are the school buses safe and reliable?
  • The school bus service has been outsourced to an external transport agency with years of experience in transporting school children. The buses as per the guidelines of the Hon. Supreme court are complete with first- aid box, fire extinguisher, emergency contact lists, students contact details list, speed governors and GPS and a female attendant.

  • 9) How is the transport fees decided and on factors is the transportation fee hike dependant?
  • The school transport is by no ways a revenue earning service for the school. The cost of commuting depends on --- Kms travelled by a child. The increase in the cost of transportation depends completely on the hike in the diesel cost in the city. But the school is committed to no hike in the fees during the session. Hike, if any will be communicated before the new session commences.

  • 10) Will the uniforms be available mid- session and what is the process of procurement?
  • All orders of the uniforms are given before the session commences. Our uniforms are supplied only on order. Uniforms, mid -session are usually discouraged. In case of a pressing demand, the vendor will take 3 weeks for supplying the items post a confirmed order.

  • 11)How can a parent meet the Principal/ HOD/ HRT?
  • Parents can meet the principal with prior appointment on --------------------. The appointment can be taken by writing at

    .Same way, a parent can meet the facilitators with prior appointment. They can write at the above mentioned address or the official mail id of the Facilitator with a cc marked to the HOD and The principal. All required mail ids have been shared on Yokibu.

  • 12) In case a child is reporting late to school, what's the process?
  • Any child reporting late will be allowed to attend the school, provided the log -in is before 9:00 a.m. . . . In such a case, a permission note for attending school will be required, which is available at the school reception.

  • 13) What are the break timings in school?
  • The break timings are---. 9.45 a.m. (IKs)

    10.10 a.m. (Short break); 1.15 p.m. (Lunch break) ---- for Grades 1-8

  • 14) What is Yokibu?
  • Yokibu is a Parental communication portal with SMS facility for fast and timely access to school circulars besides many other features to help the school communicate with parents and vice versa.

  • 15) How can a parent register for the same? In case, messages do not reach even after registering whom should be contacted?
  • For registering, Log on to the website, log-in, set a password (All students get registered at the time of admission by default). In case of any problems, send intimation to school immediately at --admissions@edifyschoolbengaluru.com

  • 16) How frequently the yokibu, website and Ediclick should be checked and why?
  • On per day basis (strongly recommended)

  • 17) How can a parent read the circulars, see the pictures and school activity videos?
  • All circulars will be available on the school website-www.edifyschoolbengaluru.com & Yokibu. Besides these, the photographs, school events reports, videos will all be available on the school website.

  • 18) Is food being provided at school to all students? When will the service commence? Will it be charged separate? Is it mandatory or optional?
  • The school is all set to provide dining starting July 2013.The food facility is optional and on charge basis. The dining is available for students of Grade 1-8 only. Three meals will be provided --- Break Fast, Lunch and evening snacks. Food will be strictly vegetarian.

  • 19) What are the fee rules?
  • The fee rules are mentioned in the child's diary. We urge all parents to read the rules and adhere to them.



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