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Investiture Ceremony 2019

Date/Day: 26th July, 2019/Friday

Time: 9.30 am to 11.00 am

Venue: Tennis Court

Grade: I to X

Topic: Investiture Ceremony


The prestigious Investiture Ceremony that marked the investing of the Student Council for the new academic year was held on 26th July 2019. The deserving young talents of Edify were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their school.

An invocation song set a perfect ambience to begin the ceremony. It was followed by a highly energetic yoga performance by the girls of the 5th grade. Bunches of colourful balloons were released in the air representing the two groups of leaders from the Senior and the Junior category.  Ms. Neelam Sharma welcomed Ms. Uma Devi, Principal of Green Bell High School. The Student Council members were honoured with their positions and duties. They accepted the badges, caps, sashes and flags from our respected Principal ma’am, Ms. Pamela Ghosh with a sense of achievement and pride surging in their hearts.  Thereafter the members of the Student Council took the Oath administered by the Principal under the following designations:

Head Boy:                              Suhit Hegde

Head Girl:                                Namita Achyuthan

Head Discipline                      Poshith Maharana

Junior Head Boy:                    Maniknta

Junior Head Girl:                    Ishanya Sriknth

Sports Captain:                       Abhijnan R. Kumar

Sports Vice Captain:               Aniket R. Kumar

Air House Captain Master:     Mohith

Water House Captain:            Dhruti Vijay

Earth House Captain:             Dharmik Vivek Shinde

Fire House Captain:                Edwin Jayson


Six prefects from each house also received their badges on this occasion and sworn in as members of the Students’ Council. The newly elected Head Boy and Head Girl expressed their heartfelt gratitude and determination to carry out the duties assigned diligently, with dignity and devotion.  The Principal congratulated all the office bearers urging them to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their capability. The Chief Guest congratulated all the student council members and urged them to take forward leadership with responsibility.


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