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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Annual Sports Day 2022

“Sports teaches you character. It teaches you to play by rules. It teaches
you to know what it feels like to win and lose…It teaches you about life” – Billie
Jean King.

One ‘C’ in our curriculum is ‘Character’ and we believe sports is a good medium to
achieve it. Hence sports gets highest place in our co-curriculum activity. This year we held
our Annual sports Day on the day of 22 nd December 2022.
Each and every student took part in all the sports for the preliminary round. The competition
was held house-wise in different categories. The selection process took about a week and the
finals were organized on the 22 nd of December in front of students from all grades.
Yoga and Taekwondo too not left behind. A beautiful power pack display was done by two
groups of mixed students of different grades.
Team games improve coordination and show us how we can win by supporting each other.
We held team events like relay races, basketball, and football for students in higher grades.
Enthusiasm covered the whole ground and everyone was constantly counting the overall
score for their respective houses.
In the end, both Firehouse and Air house were tied with the same score, putting Earth in
second position and Water in the third.


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