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The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Colours play a very important role in the early development of children. They are the most noticeable attribute around us. When we look around, we perceive each and everything with colours to begin with. A blue sky, green leaves, yellow sun etc…

Here, in Edify, children are made familiar with colours, not only through art and craft but they are also taught to connect them with the concepts they learn.

To set in the mood of event and to celebrate the colour of the month, Brown, a treasure Hunt game was conducted.  The children were encouraged to identify the colour of the month and the objects from their surroundings followed by the treasure hunt activity. Game started with number hopscotch where the children could hop or jump. This was followed by jumping the hurdle and going to the alphabet hopscotch. On finishing the alphabet hopscotch, they moved onto the footsteps, which went to the treasure clue inside the hut.  On getting the clue key and a smiley as a mark of appreciation for finishing the half way of the treasure hunt, they also got an opportunity to choose if they wanted to go through the ship or from the tunnel to reach the river crossing. They crossed the river by stepping on the pebbles to reach the treasure hunt. .On crossing the river, children reached the sandpit.  They searched the sandpit to find a single alphabet (IK1) or a two-letter sight word (IK-2) with the task of recognizing it.  A surprise gift was awarded to the children on recognizing the letter or the two-letter words.

Few parents accompanied their children during the activity. They were very happy to know that their child was able to take the oral command and was able to identify the alphabets, colours and numbers in the hopscotch game. Parents were amazed to know the play way method through which the children are taught concepts at Edify. Teachers’ effort in making the children understand the concepts was highly appreciated by the parents.

The event was an opportunity for the school to join hands with parents in the grooming and nurturing of the little ones at Edify.  The parents conveyed their expectations for many more such events to be held in the near future.




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