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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

READING MONTH: Read and Grow (CBSE – Activity )

Day/Date: 19th June 2020 – 18th July 2020

Event: Celebration of Reading Month

Reading indeed is propagated and celebrated at Edify as we are believers of development, growth and thinking beyond limits. The celebration of the Reading month with the theme of “Read and grow” was conducted in order to inculcate and instruct the students to grow incessantly by reading on. Books are hence seen as uniquely designed portable magic.

In an effort to make the Reading Month fun and exciting, various activities were held associated with reading on an everyday basis.

Take a Reading pledge:

Edifiers took reading pledge today to commemorate National Reading Day. The school conducted fun filled, exciting and novel activities for the students of grade 9 &10 students. Students received the  valuable message on  the importance of reading as they pledged to become active members of the library. Usually, text books are restricted only to academic knowledge and for general awareness. But, today was all about celebrating books.


‘Make me my book’

A fun activity for book loving kids to write and illustrate their own story book. The theme helped children to realize that every person is unique and special. They also learnt that every child’s thoughts and ideas are important and no one person is more or less important than another.. In this activity they showcased their favorite hobbies, interests , favorite friends,  color, teachers and future aspirations.

‘Letter to my favourite Author’

 Children are familiar with writing notes to their friends and thank you notes to Grandma. But how about writing a letter to a favorite author? This letter writing activity gives letter writing an added dimension; it’s not only what you write that’s important, but how you write it, too. This activity enhanced their language skills for social interaction and writing skills. It was a great way to engage children in a discussion about their favorite author and books!

‘Role play’

Role Playing is an effective way for children to make sense of the world around them. In this activity children were encouraged to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment. It sparked creativity and imagination within them. It also encouraged the children to act out and make connections with real-life situations.

‘Bookmark designing’

Reading is a simple way to keep the minds active, while not overloading with work. In this engaging activity, children have created some fun bookmarks to help make reading look like an exciting hobby. Not only will these bookmark crafts show the fun of reading, it will let them unleash their creativity… another very important aspect of a child’s development.



‘Story Telling’

Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude to people from different lands, races and religions. The students chose  the topics that connected with real life situations.


‘Character sketch’

Character analysis/Character sketch is an important aspect of reading a novel or piece of literature. It allows the reader to delve into a character’s decisions, actions and feelings. Our aspiring artists beautifully portrayed their inner beam in their work of art.

‘Poster Making’

The best advantage of poster making is that it facilitates team work and understanding along with facilitating creative thinking and extensive research and reading. It provides students with an opportunity to learn by doing, in turn strengthening the learning process.

‘Library Detective activity’

Another encouraging and engaging activity for the children to really explore what is on offer in their school library or book corner by challenging them to become a library detective and reveal the untold facts about their favorite authors for instance favorite author’s birthplace, famous books written, achievements and awards showcasing in the form of a timeline and making connection with colorful posters and characters from their books.


‘Book Review’

The discipline of writing book  reviews offers students opportunities to develop their writing skills and exercise their critical faculties .Book reviews can be valuable standalone activities, or serve as a part of a series of activities engaging with a central text.



‘Reality Inner Beam’.

Reality of inner beam inculcates and instructs the students to grow incessantly by reading on, as books will always be there for you in your adverse times and bring positive value to our life.  Books quench our thirst for knowledge.




To conclude, the month long celebration increased the amount of interest the students had towards reading and ensured that they were showered with exciting activities that kept their energy at its height.

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