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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Coffee Morning- Grade 2

The coffee morning was organised for the parents of Grade 2 A, B and C on Saturday, August 20th,2022. The Coffee Morning is a unique way of presenting the inquiry cycle by students. Students display their knowledge and understanding of the content on a platform where parents and facilitators are the audience. These events are a great opportunity for parents to get an insight into the learning process of their children.

 The presentation was based on the topic “Food.” The students highlighted the food pyramid, balanced diet, effects of improper diet, deficiencies, and healthy lifestyle.

The interaction with the resource person, Dr. Deepti, was one of the most emphasizing features of the event.

In Kannada, they recited a song on the benefits of vegetables and fruits. In English, children’s sorting activities on nouns and articles were presented to them. In Math, the children took a poll of parents on their fondness of fruits, and the results were represented in the form of a tally. In Hindi, the children represented their own state and spoke about the famous food of their state. The computer subject was integrated with the topic that output will depend on input, implying that our choices lead to our consequences. A fun skit on the effects of improper diet and deficiency presented by the students was thoroughly enjoyed by parents. Yoga and Taekwondo were demonstrated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Children demonstrated how to make rainbow yoghurt using fruit mash and yogurt

 Overall, it was a rewarding experience for everyone who attended this session, and their positive feedback spoke volumes about their positive experience.

The event ended with a National Anthem by Maya Films, through which parents also got an insight into the process of making the national flag from the video.

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