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Colour of the month – Brown

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Topic: Colour of the month – Brown

Date – 29th January 2021

The brown colour says stability, reliability, dependability, and approachability. It is the colour of our soil, growth, fertility, and earth, and it is associated the concepts of “all natural” and “organic.” Brown is the colour of the Earth and is comforting and nurturing.

Celebrating the various colour days is an excitement activity for the little kids. To gear up the spirit of the little champs, IK – 1, IK – 2 & IK -3 students celebrated colour of the month, for the month of January during the Online session on 29th January 2021.

We started the session speaking about the importance of colour brown,
IK – 1 & IK – 2 students spoke two lines on the things they showed which is related to the colour brown, which was like show and tell activity, they even were involved in making a necklace using clay where the students made small balls out of clay, pierced it with a tooth pick and strung it in the thread.

The students of IK – 3 spoke about the things related to brown colour such as bear, monkey, camel, spices like cinnamon, chocolate, chocos, chocolate biscuits, potato, chikoo, some students even spoke about the facts of the things they spoke about, it was quite an informative session. We did an activity of origami by folding the paper and making a pouch and sticking the pouch on a teddy bear which was coloured in brown colour. It was quite an interactive activity and students participated enthusiastically and had a nice time.

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