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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Colour of the month Green

Green is the colour of nature, growth, health, peace and colour of life.
The Kindergarten of Edify School celebrated Green day full of joy and excitement. All the
students and teachers were dressed in pretty green shades. Students were shown the different
shades of green, like emerald green, coriander green, pista green, olive green with edibles. To
create awareness and adore nature, sowing a seed activity was conducted which they enjoyed
a lot.
Apart from this, activities integrated with art and craft were also conducted, like
IK1 did a leaf printing activity with green colour and sorting the leaves according to
IK2 did family tree printing�� which was integrated with the IM topic – Family. They played
a musical chair game using only green coloured chairs, which was fun to watch the little kids
running around the green chairs.
IK3 did step by step drawing of seed germination after daily observation of plant growth
which was planted beforehand. Children were also amazed at doing messy art using green

All these fun-filled activities were worth it and did justice to the bag less day.��



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