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Drive Thru | Grade- IK1 and IK2

Drive thru (2)

Drive Thru

Grade- IK1 and IK2

We held a Drive – through event at Edify School, where the drive way path was decorated with balloons , paper cutouts and ribbons . We had signage boards, Covid – 19 instructions posted along the drive-through route.
Students who visited the school by car , drove through the path to get the feel of physical structure of the school.
After spending cooped at home for almost a year and attending the virtual classes, our tiny tots finally got to meet their teachers. It was pretty exciting for the students because this was their first time to meet their teachers. They halted only to receive the goodies and gifts from the teachers which was handed over to them through the windows of the car. Most of the kids stayed in the car and greeted their teachers. Some of them stepped out to make their personal connection with their teachers. They were excited to see the school premises and their teachers. They had a lot of queries to ask the teachers.
Teachers received the advance Teacher’s Day wishes like hand made greeting cards from the lovely students.
Finally, they bid farewell to their teachers ?? and drove away back home safely.
It was a remarkable experience both for the students and for the teachers.

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