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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Field Trip – IK – Bannerghatta Zoo

“Zoo is a place that brings us closer to the living beings that we co-exist with on this earth” – the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and so on. It tells us about the balance between the animal species and their habitats. It shows us that animal life is as important as human life.

The students of IK – 3 had a field trip to Bannerghatta Zoo and they were able to identify the significance of the animal species and were sharing their views in their simple terms, the interaction among themselves was more than enlightening. Few students were discussing and classifying where the animals belong, such as terrestrial, aquatic or aerial.

They were also shown the place where animals rest, what kind of food they eat. It was the best place to come in touch with nature and even to learn to be independent and caring towards their friends.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed and were mesmerized seeing the animals, birds and reptiles. It was a happy moment for us to see such happy faces.


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