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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Field trip – IK – Dhatu puppet theatre

Field trip:  Dhatu Puppet theatre
Puppets are the source through which the children remember the story and express
what they feel.
To understand the concept of stories and as a part of making connection stage The
children of IK- 2 visited the Doll exhibition at Daatu Theatre on Thursday, 13th
October 2022.
The Exhibition was very well organized and the speech and language of the story
encouraged the children to stimulate their creativity, emotional and cognitive skills. It
also helped them to learn new words and they tried to frame sentences of their own.
Capture what’s on your mind.
10 avatars were explained and they were asked to count them. Then the scene of
Ramayana, taking Bharat to Rama’s exile in the forest was disclosed. Krishna and
Rukmani miniature playing the game of dice pagoda. Later they were taken to the
place where the traditional dolls were arranged like Shiva, Parvati, Krishna Garuda
story, Ravanna and Rakshasa sleeping story and Rama returning home from vanavasa,
scenes from Mahabharata and Abhimanyu’s Chakarayuha , Kurukshetra war was
shown. We concluded with a moral story of Krishna and fruit seller where the
children learnt how things can change with a smile and gratitude.
The trip ended with a photo session and our children thanked Ms. Anupama Hoskere
who took the children and gracefully explained about each and every miniature placed
there and the children thanked her by wishing Namastey.


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