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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Grade 10 &11 Coffee Morning and Parent Orientation

Edify school Kanakapura Main Road Bengaluru celebrated its Grade 10 Coffee Morning
in an excellent manner.
The theme was  “The Guardians of the Nation – the Farmers and the Soldiers”
The pleasant morning started with an engrossing invocation song.
A formal welcome to the guest of honour Prof. Saji Varghese, a Ph.D. in English from
Christ University with 25 years of experience in teaching English language, a recipient
of National & International Awards, a great innovator of the biodegradable straws from
the coconut leaves and many more!!

Edify is privileged to have special guest Mr. Kalyan Kumar P V, a Senior HR
Professional with 15 years of experience, as HR Generalist, established as a Key
Resource in Business Support.
A theme dance was performed followed by the important objectives of all the subjects.
The subject flow began with a skit presentation by the Fine English Team,
This was followed a song presentation on Shlokas from Sanskrit.
The Kannada team presented a wonderful skit based on the revenue act of
There was a pleasant presentation of verses in French with translation by the French
There was an awesome act of Mime by the Hindi team which stole the entire show of
grade 10.

The Maths had magical presentation on the theme.
A very satisfying dance performance presented on electricity by Physics.
The Chemistry team 's presentation provided the audience a detailed description of soil
through activity.
The microorganisms present in soil was shown on ppt and presented by the Biology
An interesting interview show was presented by the SST team.
Health and Physical Education explained the importance of fitness. There was a Mini
Military Team the Sports team presenting the marvelous exercises.
The Artificial Intelligence Team Presented the importance of the Nation builders.
A melodious theme song was sung by the students.
The Grade 11 Coffee Morning with their topic as Advertisement was the talk of the
audience as it stole the entire show with the students integrating the all their subjects
with Innovative presentation of the energy drink.
The audience enjoyed the best as there was lot of interesting events with the gr 11
students and also an interactive session.
The address by the guest of honour, Prof. Saji Varghese made the show more
interesting and exciting as the guest had number of topics which were very exciting and
interesting. The most interesting part was the biodegradable straws from the coconut
leaves with his new inventions.
There was an exceptional opportunity for the audience to know about the Motivational
Speech on adolescent issues by the special guest, Mr. Kalyan Kumar P V.
A detailed description and guidance of career was an eye opener to the audience.
The show ended with vote of gratitude which was rendered to one and all present there.

# An Exemplary Coffee Morning by Grade 10
# A Unique-Innovative Perfect Presentation by Grade 11.


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