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Annual Nite – Taraash (Grand Success)

The much awaited Annual Day of Edify School Kanakapura Road presented by the Secondary Department was celebrated with elation and grandeur on 24th December, 2018 at RV Dental College Auditorium.  The program began with the lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest, Mr. Sandeep Shastry.  This was followed by a musical rendition of the devotional songs invoking Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom and the remover of all obstacles.  The musical performance was extended into an extraordinary orchestral extravaganza with tabla, drums, keyboard, violin and unconventional regular vessels by the budding artists.

The Vice Principal Ms. Daisy Bastian formally welcomed the honourable guests and august gathering to the event.  The Chief Guest, Mr. Sandeep Shastry, shared his valuable thoughts of wisdom.  This was followed by the felicitating and awarding the scholarship winners at the gracious hands of chief guest, Mr. Sandeep Shastry, Mr. Tallam Venkatesh, and Mr. I. S. Prasad.

The Annual Nite celebration began with dance drama woven around the theme “Taraash-‘values that unite the world’. Aladdin and Genie from Arabia and Swaminathan from an imaginary place, Malgudi, took the audience on a humorous and thought provoking journey around the world.  The journey began with Arabia, which holds the values of extended family, support, love and care.  Grade 6 gave an enchanting performance on the traditional Arabic music.

Aladdin, Genie and Swami fly to Japan, a country that rose like phoenix from the ashes. A country which is rich in resilience and a country that values cleanliness at work and play.  Fan dance, a form of storytelling done by young women was performed by grade 7.

Next, the magic carpet takes the three travellers to Italy, which is home to a number of historical treasures called monuments and other legacies.  A lively and graceful traditional Italian dance performance was given by the youngsters of grade 10.

On their way from Italy Aladdin, Genie and Swami fly to Colombia, a country where age is valued.  The elders have a more powerful voice and they are deeply respected throughout this country.  A very colorful Colombian dance was performed by 10th graders.

The travellers then moved to America, a country that believes that ‘all are created equal,’ a country where people celebrate freedom of expression.  An energetic hip-hop dance was performed by 7th and 8th graders.

The next destination for the three travellers was Russia, a country known for Russian Revolution, 2018 FIFA World Cup, a country that gave an empathetic human being and a novelist like Leo Tolstoy. A beautiful Russian traditional dance was presented by the students of grade 9.

Finally, the team of three go to India to drop Swaminathan back to his home in Malgudi in India, the land of diverse cultures and languages, the land of great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, the land of Buddha, the land where values like truthfulness, empathy, love and care are ingrained. A cultural extravaganza was presented with various dance forms in India by the students of 8.

The program concluded with a finale performance on Michael Jackson music track “Heal the World” in which all the dancers participated. The finale song was followed by the grand finale with the appearance of all the participants and staff on the stage who bowed to the audience.  Following the national Anthem,  Mr. Tony Sebastian proposed a vote of thanks to the audience and the entire staff, both teaching and non-teaching.




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