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Interaction of the Month (March) – IK

Interaction is an activity that is a part of our curriculum. Interaction of the month was scheduled with our stores in-charge on the 5th March 2019, Ms. Chitra Devi.

Store in-Charge informed that she reports directly to the head of the department who is the overall in–charge of the Supplies Stores and has the same duties and responsibilities at a higher level, who in turn reports to the head of material management.

Duties and Responsibility of Store In-Charge

• Receive, distribute and maintain adequate quantities of stocks at all times;
• Maintain optimal stock levels;
• Inform the purchase department well in advance about the items that reach the re- order level to order from supplies;
• Review physical inventories periodically;
• Maintain stock and consumption records;
• Check incoming materials for quality and quantity against invoices, purchase orders and packing slips or other documents;
• Make clear notes on the receipt of the items against each invoice;
• Maintains and updates records of goods received and issued;
• Compiles report of expenditures and monthly stock report;
• Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned;
• Promotes inventory related awareness programs.

Children of IKs enjoyed interacting with the stores in-charge. They learnt about the operation and functioning of the stores. Children noticed how the inventory is kept and arranged in the store. They were excited to see the huge quantity of materials kept in the store.


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