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Event – The INSPIRE Awards by CBSE

Theme – MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge) Grades- gr6 to gr10

Date – August 2020

‘Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.’ Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalam

The INSPIRE Awards (Innovation in science pursuit for inspired research) is one of the flagship program of Department of Science and Technology.

The INSPIRE Awards- MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge), being executed by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India with National Innovation Foundation.

The main objective of the scheme is to select, provide support and reward one million original ideas/ innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among school children.

Edify School promotes the learners’ spirit to explore and discover more. The school nurtures the true potential by awakening pupil’s passion and cultivates their innate talents.

Our diligent students from secondary grades with immense enthusiasm and motivation showcased their innovative creativity and thinking by participating in this online event.

Our aspiring students who showcased their proposed project synopsis in different areas of science and technology are Humaid Shaikh , Manjunath I.H , Shubang .S. RAO , Sanath .A. and Shreya Lingaraju .

Detailed information on the Project Synopsis by the students are as follows:-

Student name- Humaid Shaikh

Title of the proposed project – Wind powered Electric Car

Project Synopsis – The main idea that inspired Humaid to select this project was the cause and effects of Air pollution that is resulting in drastic climate change all over the world.

This project highlights on the major factors like reducing the pollution, effective use of wind energy , reduces noise pollution, maximum use of renewable energy, hybrid electric car to save environment , reduce cost to make this world a healthier place.

Humaid had also structured and designed    the model of a Wind powered car which itself reflects the innovative creativity and passion within him.

Student name- Majunath I.H

Title of the proposed project – SMART ANTIBULLYING DEVICE

Project Synopsis– The purpose of this project is to prevent any kind of bullying like cyber bullying, verbal bullying etc.

The target group of the project were school and college students. Manjunath explained his project through a schematic diagram of the proposed project wherein he showcased the major functioning of the project, the various smart activities that the device can perform, its implementation, feasibility, cost effectiveness, and what present problem does this device will solve.

Manjunath’ s project is an innovative and smart approach to solve the cyber bullying challenges in the present scenario and it will prove to be very effective to solve the bullying issue in schools, colleges and people prone to bullying.

Student name – Shubhang. S. Rao

Title of the proposed project – PI DESK

Project Synopsis – This project can help many people who can’t afford to buy a

full-fledge desktop

or for the people who work on the go and don’t want to hold a laptop weighing

1.5-2.3kg can also use the pi-desk.

It is a revolutionary invention by Shubhang in the information and technology sector where we find numerous new products popping up in the market.

This PI -DESK comes with some exciting features than the normal deskstop.

Student name- Sanath .A

Title of the proposed project- AGRIBOT

Project Synopsis – To make a robot for agricultural purposes. The robot will be using solar energy to work with a battery to store the energy. This hi tech robot will be programmed in such a way that it will look for the quality of soil, patrol the agricultural lands, well equipped with water tanks to water the crops, provide information to the farmers etc. In a nutshell it will minimize the work load on farmers and their exposure to harmful chemicals with 100 percent assurance of getting good crop yield.

Sanath’s project is an innovative approach to solve the problems of our farmers who are the nation’s backbone.

Student name- Shreya Lingaraju

Title of the proposed project – My idea of Gadget for the present pandemic COVID-19

Project Synopsis – Shreya’s proposed plan is to reduce the risk against the corona virus by inventing a machine/ gadget that will act as a robot and will do all the necessary daily chores like going to the market, buying medicines, doing other important jobs that we humans do. The robot can be made by codding and using little mechanical engineering knowledge to assemble the parts .

The scheme aims to help build a critical human resource pool for strengthening, expand science and technology system and increase the research & development base on the same by inviting students from all government and private schools throughout the country and enabling them to send their original & creative technological ideas/innovations on the same.


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