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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Spell-bee from

The students of IKs had a spell bee presentation where students were given different platform to learn spellings in different ways to enrich their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop the use of correct English. The students’ associated the words with the pictures. They could read the names of familiar objects seen on the PPT.
IK – 1: Identified the letters with phonics sounds using the flash cards and identified the pictures to the letter.
IK – 2: Identified CVC words with phonic sound and number names
IK – 3: Identified jolly phonics words of ‘ai’, ‘oi’, ‘ee’, ‘or’

The Spell bee presentation brought out the knowledge of the phonics, it also helped the students to boost their memory, boost their confidence and created healthy competitive spirit between the students. Overall, the students enjoyed the presentation and applauded and appreciated their peers.


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