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Youth Parliament

Year: 2019 – 20

Day/Date: Thursday – 23/01/2019                             Time: 9.15 am – 9.50 am

Venue:  Library

Mock Youth Parliament


A mock Youth Parliament was set up by the  secondary students, in the Library. Students of Grades 9 and 10 displayed great knowledge and skill in setting up and conducting the activities of the Parliament.

Introduction to the event was given by Ipsita of Grade 10. The actual activity began with the Honourable Speaker arriving and taking his seat.

Some members of Parliament were seen taking oaths or affirmation in the languages they were comfortable in. Then the speaker and the Prime Minister paid condolence to the bereaved family of a deceased former minister, politician and statesman.

The Question hour  began. Ministers of Home Affairs, Education and Foreign Affairs were attacked and counter attacked by questions on the burning issues in each field.

Attention was called on another burning topic and students representing the government and the opposition had their say. There was great uproar among the members as they thumped the desks showing approval or discontentment. Time and again the Speaker called for decorum to be maintained in the assembly.

No Confidence Motion on a certain Act and the Adjourning of the Session was done after the consent was taken from the members of Parliament by the Speaker.

On the whole it was a great show put up by the young Edifiers.

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